Saturday, March 19, 2011

Green skin is better!

Going green for our skincare regimens is the eco-friendly and smart way to go! Synthetically derived skincare products are loaded with hundreds of harsh toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our skin and may cause skin allergens. By going green, you are making a healthier choice for yourself and the environment. Natural ingredients from the earth are much safer and much more effective.

On another note, even though natural and organic skincare products are a much wiser choice, there are some that can also be unsafe...and that is by using zero preservatives. This can actually cause the product to grow mold and bacteria fairly quick, so while it's great to be 100% natural, you do need to ensure that the products are well preserved. Our products are produced in a safe smoke-free environment and made from natural ingredients that God created, such as: herbs, fruits, spices and flowers that give your skin the nutrients and vitamins it needs. While we do use some all natural preservatives such as honey and vitamin E, sometimes they are just not enough to make a safe product. In these cases, we choose to use paraben-free preservatives as needed to make a safe and healthy product. Go green! Your skin totally deserves it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The scoop on Candied Ginger

These little hunks of ginger have been rolled in sugar to make it taste a little less strong and a little more edible. While eating these powerful pieces help to calm nauseated tummies, they also helps stop constant coughs. If you have that annoying urge to cough at night, wake up and eat a tidbit of crystallized/candied ginger. It works! Kroger used to sell it in the organic section, however, I haven't been able to find it for quite some time. Trader Joe's carries it sometimes and so do local health food stores.