Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Minty Fresh Feet!

The perfect gift for the perfect pedicure! This minty fresh gift set has everything tired feet can ask for......all wrapped up in a bundle! Treat your feet and heal your heels using this cooling Peppermint essential oil foot treatment. You will be left with soft pampered fresh-smelling footsies! A truly refreshing array guaranteed to soothe and invigorate from head to toe.

Gift Set Includes: 
4 oz. Peppermint Tea Bella Bar
8 oz. Peppermint & Fresh Cream Pedi Gourmet Lotion
2.7 oz. Cool Peppermint Foot Refresher
5 oz. Salted Peppermint & Walnut Husk Foot Scour
A pair of White Cotton Spa Socks

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