Saturday, October 22, 2011

Honey for skin...yes please!

My skin always craves honey. Honey is said to have remarkable properties...especially for those plagued with oily skin, or oily T-zones, like myself. Aside from proving its worth in the skincare industry, honey is also used to treat burns, acne, ulcers and more, making it that much more fantastic! Try our Kaolin Honey & Milk Facial Mask, you won't be disappointed! We promise!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Natural Ways to Use Your Leftover Pumpkins!

Do you buy pumpkins for the sole purpose of baking the pumpkin seeds then throwing the rest away? Of course baking the seeds is the best part! But If you want to switch it up some, try sprinkling some sugar AND salt on the seeds before baking ...and even sprinkle some cinnamon too. Mmmm! Want some ideas on how to use the leftover pumpkin? Here are a few things you can do!

1) Make your own facial scrub and/or mask~ the nutrients and vitamins that the pumpkin contains is INSANELY healthy for our skin! You will receive a nice nutritious glow by using this!
Pumpkin Oatmeal Scrubby Facial Mask
2 eggs
1 cup fresh pumpkin puree'
1/4 oatmeal
1 tsp honey

Puree' the fresh pumpkin into a thick paste by cutting the pumpkin in half, and baking both halves face down for 45 minutes. After it's done, the skin will fall off and you will have pumpkin mash left to use. Add the eggs, these act as a "binder". Squirt the honey in and then sprinkle the oatmeal in. Mix all together. It is now ready to use! Apply the mask, leaving it on for 15  minutes. Start scrubbing the nutritive pumpkin scrub/mask into your skin and then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Refrigerate after each use in a tightly closed container. Throw out mixture after about 3 days.

2) Make a pumpkin household natural cleaner!
Lemon Vinegar & Pumpkin Household Cleaner
Take a handful of the pumpkin pulp and squeeze out all of the juice into a bowl. Continue taking handfuls and continue squeezing out the juice until you have used up all the juices from the pulp. Take three lemons. Cut them in half and squeeze out all the lemon juice into the same bowl. Pour 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar into the same bowl. Pour all of that liquid into an empty spray bottle. Shake and use it as a multi-purpose household cleaner. Works like magic!!!

3) Use the whole hollowed out pumpkin as a party bowl!
Pumpkin Bowl
If you plan to have some people over, use the hollowed out pumpkin as a beverage cooler. Make sure it's all cleaned out, then fill it with ice and beverages~ Makes a fantastic party piece.

4) Recycle!
Recycle your pumpkins!
After Halloween, bury your hollowed pumpkin in the garden or compost pile where it will decompose into organic material.

5) Make yourself a luscious decadent pumpkin body butter!
Homemade Pumpkin Body Butter
1/2 cup pumpkin puree (see facial mask recipe above on how to puree')
1/2 cup solids from a can of coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Mix fresh ingredients in a bowl and then massage into the skin. Jar and refrigerate. Toss out after about a week.