Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NEW & IMPROVED! "Crushed Kelp & Chamomile Facial Scrub"

We have improved our "Crushed Kelp & Chamomile Facial Scrub"! The only change we have made to it, was by folding in fresh and juicy Lemon essential oil! By adding in this divine ingredient, we feel it transforms this product into an even more luxurious facial! Double the decadance! The luscious combination of South African Chamomile twisted with Lemon make the perfect marriage and just adds to the ultimate luxury of the product. We hope you enjoy this new change! Of course, if you are still in love with the original version, we are more than happy to still create it for you and just leave out the Lemon. Just leave a note in your order. Enjoy!

I'm going to go wash mine off now! Yup, because of the crushed kelp, you can also leave this product on and use it as a mask before scrubbing off....the crushed kelp contains over sixty minerals and twenty amino acids. Allow these nutritious minerals and vitamins to soak up into your pores for maximum benefits before scrubbing refreshing! Renew your complexion with our new and improved, "Crushed Kelp & Lemon Chamomile Facial Scrub"! Now available at: and!

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