Monday, November 5, 2012

Maternity Leave

Hello all! 

I just wanted to send a quick update. I've decided to close shop a little bit earlier than expected. I'm going on 9 months pregnant next week and today I'm feeling a little "off". I apologize for any inconvenience, however, I promise to update you all as soon as I re-open shop! :) I may even post a few blogs in between so please be sure you are connected with me here. I will be shipping out final orders in a couple of days.

Thank you for your love and patience as I prepare to have this little dude. ;)


  1. Take care of yourself and Love to you and your precious. Hope all is well. Your body and little one are telling you to take it easy and take care of "them" as you should well do. We will all be here waiting anxiously:)

    Love and HUGS!!!!!