Monday, October 28, 2013

Sea Salt & Coconut Milk Shave Cream | MEN & WOMEN

NEW! Sea Salt & Coconut Milk Shave Cream

A luxurious natural shave cream handmade with fine european sea salts and creamy coconut milk to product a non-irritating clean close shave resulting in silky smooth skin. Suitable for both men and women and soothing for all skin types! Available soon!

NEW! Holiday Product!

A creamy sugar scrub designed to use for the face and/or body. Sweetly mingled with star anise essential oil, Hawaiian plum powder, organic pure cane sugar and African shea butter. A delectable treat for our skin and a fabulous eco-friendly stocking stuffer! Available soon!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Products on SALE!

Grab a jar or two of our best-selling Fall products, now on SALE at our Etsy Shop!

Warm Candied Ginger- The Breakfast Sugar Facial Mask

Pumpkin Puree' Exfoliating Facial Mask

NEW! Tea & Crème Botanical Bath and Foot Soak

Plunge into the tub for a mood-curbing luxurious spa soak blended with sifted passionflower tea, finely crushed grapefruit peel, finely hand-mined pink Himalayan sea salts, pure European sea salts, a refreshingly herbal therapeutic dose of pink grapefruit essential oil and a healthy scoop of soothing creamy coconut milk and colloidal oatmeal. This detoxifying remedy of replenishing essential minerals will make you feel so fresh, so clean, so relaxed and silky smooth in the comfort of your own home. Allow your bath to become a skin-softening tub of nourishing tea and crème!

NEW! Cleansing Grains!

NEW Bellaroma Cleansing Grains! A water-activating, gentle vegan cleanser that uses healthy organic grains and a bouquet of pure botanicals for a clean natural alternative to chemical sulfate suds that tend to strip our skins’ natural oils. These innovative natural powders will naturally deep-clean pores with fine texture making a quick-acting, mildly exfoliating facial wash. Suitable for all skin types!

Watermelon & Oatmeal

Chia Seed & Cocoa

Pineapple Enzyme & Quinoa

Carrot & Calendula

Brown Rice & Atlantic Seaweed

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Simple-Step Skincare Routine....

Ever wonder how you can improve your skin without draining your bank account or spending hours at the spa?? Try this simple-step routine that will help improve your skins' health if you continue the routine regularly.

1) Gently cleanse your face and neck with a mild face wash that best suits your skin type
2) Spritz your face with a refreshing natural-based toner
3) Swipe on a few dots of serum and massage in
4) Apply a soothing moisturizer 

Twice per Week:
Facial scrub

Once per Week:
Facial mask

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The "clean face" behind the mixing bowl!

Ever curious who's whipping and shipping your orders? The one and only me, lol! I create all of your natural Bellaroma formula's and make them fresh upon receiving your order. Thank you to all of my customers, I appreciate you all! Nice to meet you! ;)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cleansers No More :(

I am very sorry to inform you, especially to the regular cleanser-buying customers, that I am discontinuing the "Calendula & Goat Milk Facial Cleanser"Yogurt & E Facial Cleanser" and "AU NATUREL Liquid Goatsmilk Soap" due to low sales. I may try to create a newly reformulated cleanser in the near future and will let all of you know if and when I do, but in the meantime, I have some cleansers left that I have put up at discounted prices. Hurry before they all sell out... They will make great gifts!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Is Your Skin Type?

Identifying Your Skin Type:

The first step to properly care for your skin is knowing your skin type. Caring for your face without knowing your skin type is the equivalent of shopping for pants without knowing your size. Everyone falls into five general skin types:

Normal – Consider yourself one of the lucky few. This is the least problematic skin type. Skin is neither oily or flaky and is supple and smooth to the touch.

Dry – Tight skin, often showing flakes of dead skin. Typically associated with small pores.

Oily – Shiny skin, characterized by a layer of oil that can be associated with larger pores.

Combination – The most common skin type where the skin is oily in the “T-zone” shown above and normal to dry in other areas.

Sensitive – Reacts easily to products and irritations, often turning red, itchy or developing a rash.

Soon, I will be putting together a chart of Bellaroma skincare regimens specifically for all of these skin types. It is the most commonly asked question and hopefully it will help you. But as always, please feel free to continue asking me questions if you have any! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gift Sets- 40% OFF!

I will be discontinuing all of my gift sets, however I will still continue to offer E-Gift Certificates. All sets are 40% off! If you are interested in sending a Bellaroma gift in the future, please contact me and I can do a custom order for you. 
Browse all gift sets HERE!

Choose from:

Barefoot Bundle
Relax Treatment
Royal Romantic
Sensitive Skin Set
Miss Therapy Pack
Buff & Butter Duo
Pamper Sampler

Monday, April 15, 2013

Etsy Spring Sale!

Starting today, I am offering 10% off anything in my Etsy store in honor of Spring!
Shop NOW!

Promo Code: SPRING10OFF

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Natural Baby Wipes

Looking for a quick and easy natural alternative to regular baby wipes? I just made some and you can too! 

2 TBSP Dr. Bronners Baby Mild Liquid Soap1 TBSP Witch Hazel6 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil2 Cups Hot Water1 Roll Heavy Duty Paper TowelSharp KnifeOld Wipes Container

NOTE: *Use half of a used-up paper towel roll, this way, you will have less wipes since they won’t last forever, as they will tend to mold/mildew after only a few weeks because of the water content, so you can’t really make them up in advance. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil, which has antibacterial properties and smells great, works for me. You can also use 1 tbsp. of olive oil if you'd like a little extra glide. 

-Cut paper towel roll in half-Find an empty good-sealed container. I used an old baby wipe container.-Mix ingredients together in the container first-Put paper towel roll ...cut side container.-Close lid and turn upside down for a few seconds so the wipes get wet, then open container back up.-Wiggle out the brown roll that is inside of paper towel and dump out the remaining liquid.

Friday, February 8, 2013

New Year, New Products!

Are you ready to hear Bellaroma's new products for 2013? Not quite ready for purchase yet, but here is what's to come! Excited?? I know I am! Drum roll please......

Vanilla Bean & Marshmallow Root Facial Scrub- A warm luxurious facial scrub made with a cocktail of crushed Tahitian vanilla beans and gently ground marshmallow root to mildly exfoliate and soothe the skins’ surface. Pure luxury in a jar!
Peppermint & Sweet Honey Lip Exfoliator- Moisturize your lips with this kissably sweet and creamy scrub that will gently exfoliate and treat chapped dryness. Infused with a soothing and healing blend of raw Brazilian honey, organic pure cane sugar and Peppermint essential oil. Polish away dead skin and leave your lips ridiculously soft and supple! 
Lemon Juice Balancing Facial Toner- A rejuvenating all-natural, alcohol-free facial toner shaken with pure lemon essential oil which offers superior soothing antibacterial properties and brightening energy! Lemon essential oil coupled with apple cider vinegar and natural witch hazel, offers a therapeutic tonic that helps to restore luster to dull skin and balances problematic areas making an excellent toner for oily or combination skin.  100% Natural. NO Parabens, NO Chemical Preservatives, NO Phthalates, NO Synthetic Colors.
Moroccan Oil & Mango Conditioning Shampoo- Condition and cleanse your hair with our sulfate-free 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo. We have omitted harsh sulfates and phthalates replaced them with natural fortifying ingredients that will leave your hair soft and lustrous. Blended with nourishing Moroccan oil, used to protect hair and treat split ends….and Mango fruit extract, to increase softness and bring back that natural healthy shine!

Keep on the look out....these fresh luxuries are coming soon!